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CAA reminds travellers of mobile restrictions

As more and more travellers prepare for their annual summer holiday, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is reminding airline passengers that the use of mobile phones is forbidden on nearly all flights.

Research carried out by the CAA has found that the use of mobile telephones can have an adverse affect on navigation and communication functions. In addition, pilots have confirmed that interference from mobile phones has caused, among other things, malfunctions of aircraft systems and interrupted communications.

Bob Jones, head of flight operations at the CAA, said: "The safety risks of using a mobile on board an aircraft are well-established. Yes, some airlines are currently testing various systems, but this does not weaken in any way the ban on phones being used on board the vast majority of UK aircraft.

"Unless specifically told otherwise, passengers must not text or phone while the cabin doors of an aircraft are closed. Safety is the number one concern of the aviation industry, therefore mobile phones will remain banned until the technology that allows their safe use is installed."

At present, a number of leading airlines including Ryanair, Qantas and British Airways are trialling on-board mobile phone systems.

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