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Advice for driving in summer

When you're setting off on your well-earned summer break, the last thing you need is a car breakdown. has released some tips for keeping your car in tip top condition and on the road so that you get the best possible start - and end - to your holiday.

Make sure your vehicle is regularly serviced and keep your owner's manual handy in the glove compartment. Store a spare set of keys somewhere safe and make sure your main set are in full working order. Check the basics such as lights, wipers, screen wash, battery, oil and water.

Re-fuel but do not fill the tank to the brim as fuel can expand in hot conditions. Make sure your air conditioning is working properly.

Ensure your tyres have the required pressure and tread depth and acquaint yourself with the jack and wheel brace, maybe even practise changing a tyre before you leave.

Don't overload your vehicle but do bring some drinks and snacks for the trip.

Before you travel, plan your route, check travel updates and allow plenty of time for your journey in case of delays - especially around weekends and bank holiday periods.

And remember to take regular breaks to keep driving safe.

If you're leaving your car in an airport car park, the most important thing to remember is to turn everything else off before turning off the engine. That means lights, wipers, air conditioning and entertainment systems. After two weeks in the sun, the last thing you want to find is a dead car battery.

If your car won't start, make sure all the electrics are turned off and then leave it standing for 20 minutes before trying to restart. This is the minimum time needed for the battery to regain enough power to start the engine. If you need advice on how to re-start you car.

Don't forget, most airport car parks will help you to jump-start your car if necessary.