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Bristol Airport Baggage and Security Information

Bristol airport have security in place that you will need to be aware of before you travel. Delays to you and your fellow passengers can be prevented by reading and understanding the procedures that are in place before you make your journey through the airport.

Below you will find our luggage and security guide that provides you with all you need for a smooth transition through Bristol airport.

Baggage allowances

You will be able to find the baggage allowance your airline operates by looking at your airline ticket. If you have not been provided with a paper ticket and your airline is using e-tickets then you will be able to find the restrictions by looking at your confirmation slip. Baggage information can also be obtained from the airline website.

Overweight baggage: If the baggage you intend to check into the aircraft hold is overweight then you will be charged an excess for it. You will need to be prepared as this can often be expensive as airlines attempt to encourage passengers to not exceed their allocated weight. Cabin baggage that is overweight may have to be checked into the aircraft hold. However if this then takes your overall baggage allowance over your weight allocation you will be charged an excess. This is dependant on the airline you are flying with.

We would suggest ensuring that you are aware of your baggage allowance before you leave home by contacting your airline. It may be a good idea to purchase a cheap set of scales if you feel you are likely to exceed your allowance. This could work out much cheaper than the extra charges you will incur for overweight luggage.

Hand luggage: August 2008 saw Bristol airport relax their limits permitting only a single bag through their security search area. Passengers are asked to be aware however that different airlines have varying baggage requirements and may still operate a single bag policy. We would suggest telephoning or emailing your airline before travelling to ensure you are aware of their latest regulations.

Liquids restriction: Bristol airport follows the guidelines set out for all UK airports regarding the transportation of liquids. This states that liquids are only permitted in hand luggage when they are within containers of 100ml or less. You may carry more than 100ml of liquid in your hand luggage, but it must be placed within another container. In total 10x100ml containers are permitted in your hand luggage which totals 1 litre capacity overall.

Liquids following the guidelines set above must all be placed together inside a 20cmx20cm clear, plastic, transparent and re-sealable bag and be shown to staff at the security point. You may carry more liquid on your flight but this will need to be checked into your hold luggage as the current restrictions are only for hand luggage. Whilst it is impossible to list every definition of a liquid we have listed below some common examples of liquids in case you are not sure before your flight.

Airport hand luggage limits

Liquids Include:
• Water and other drinks, syrups and soup.
• Oil, cream, and lotions.
• Perfumes and sprays.
• Shower gels and shaving gels.
• All pressurised containers containing such items as hair spray and deodorants.
• Toothpaste and other similar pastes.
• Mixtures of solids and liquids.
• Makeup such as mascara.

Any other solutions that you even slightly consider a liquid should be checked before arrival at the airport.

Please note: Those passengers that require special medicines aboard the flight or those with baby food please note that these liquids are NOT considered part of the liquid allowance. Please be aware that for special medicines proof of the need to carry them will be required. We would suggest obtaining a note from your doctor verifying this.

Baby food may also be carried separate of the allowance, however passengers will be required to taste each separate container of baby food to verify its contents.

There are many items that are not permitted to be carried in your hand luggage. The list below outlines some of the most common but is not by any means a definitive list. If you have a specific query on a certain item we would suggest you contact your airline prior to leaving home.

  • Petrol.
  • Thinners.
  • Lighter Fluids.
  • Fire Starters.
  • Magnesium.
  • Flares.
  • Fireworks
  • Party Poppers.
  • Ammunition.
  • Bleaches.
  • Car Body Repair Kits.
  • Weed Killer.
  • Infected Blood Samples.
  • Insecticides.
  • Any Radioactive Materials.
  • Dry Ice.
  • Magnetised Material.
  • Mercury.

If you have any item that you are unsure about prior to travel then we would strongly suggest contacting your airline before setting off for the airport.