Windsurfing holidays from Gatwick airport

By Jon Vickery

Let make the start to your windsurfing holiday completely hassle-freeGatwick airport is the second busiest in the UK, making it a key point of departure for windsurfers heading overseas.

If you're planning on riding the waves in some of the world's best spots for windsurfing - see our guide on the best destinations for advanced and beginner windsurfers for a few suggestions - you will want to choose a departure airport that is simple to reach. After all, you're likely to be travelling with a range of bulky windsurfing equipment that needs transporting.

Only 28 miles from the centre of London, Gatwick airport is perfect for windsurfing enthusiasts and a multitude of other travellers.

Even though Gatwick is conveniently located, you may still experience traffic and delays on your journey to the airport.'s aim is to make this journey completely hassle-free, and there are many ways we can help you to achieve this goal.

"Gatwick airport is the second busiest in the UK, making it a key point of departure for windsurfers heading overseas."

We offer a great range of Meet and Greet parking for windsurfers that makes the process of booking your car parking completely hassle-free. This is backed by our traffic assistant text service, giving you up-to-date traffic information as you make your way to the airport.

We also offer options such as airport hotels for windsurfers and airport lounges, so it's easy to customise your holiday with

Top tip
When packing gear for a windsurfing holiday, remember to try and keep the weight of your luggage down.

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