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Top destinations for advanced windsurfers

By Adam Norsworthy

Advanced windsurfers are normally looking for their destinations to have waves and strong cross shore winds.

There is a wide range of destinations that comply with these criteria and over the last 30 years some have become really popular due to the consistency of conditions they offer.

The Canary Islands, with their trade winds blowing from April to October, have some incredible reefs. North shores of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote have great conditions for hardcore waveriding.

Morocco also has lots of fantastic wave spots, and the wind is steady and consistent due to the temperature difference between the desert and the cool Atlantic Ocean.

The island of Sal in the Cape Verde islands hosts Ponta Preta, a very speedy mast high wave, a favourite for many pro-wave sailors.

The Caribbean islands are also blessed with trade winds, and Cabarete in the Dominican Republic has great conditions, flat in the bay and good waves on the reef.

Around the area of Cape Town, South Africa blows a strong wind named the Cape Doctor. Mix this and the pounding swell from the Antarctica area and you will get some intense windsurfing conditions.

The Indian Ocean also has some jewels to be ridden. Reunion Island and Mauritius have world class spots but if you really want adventure off the beaten tracks, Madagascar is the place to go: extreme travellers only!

Last but surely not least is the windsurfing Mecca: Hookipa on the island of Maui in Hawaii. This is the most photographed windsurf spot on earth. Aside the epic conditions, you will be riding with superstars like Naish, Angulo, Hamilton and many more.

Adam Norsworthy is the editor of leading windsurfing website,

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