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What time is the cheapest time to travel to Palma?

Palma is blessed with weather that ranges from long sunny days in summer to a mild winter climate. So, to figure out what time is the cheapest time to travel to Palma, think about what affects the price each season – from school holidays to soaring temperatures. As well as this, consider our airport transfers. No matter when you arrive, we're a reasonably priced service that picks you up at the airport and takes you to your resort efficiently and in comfort.


Spring in Palma is the perfect time for wandering the winding streets and getting a chance to check out the beaches without the crowds that appear in summer. If you time your break not to coincide with school holidays, now is a good time to travel to Palma. The weather is lovely, falling into the 17°C-23°C range, and you'll get about eight hours of sunshine each day. If you visit during Semana Santa (the Easter celebrations), prices will get a little more expensive.


At the peak of school holiday season, it's thought Palma Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Bear this in mind if you're looking to travel to Palma in summer. Due to families taking time off and the weather being at its most glorious, prices tend to go up significantly between June-September. Temperatures during this time can be between 17°C and 31°C, with 11 hours of sunshine per day and about two rainy days per month. The resort will be busier, so accommodation prices are likely to rise, too.


While you'll avoid the busyness of Palma in summer, to keep costs low during the autumn months, be wary of October holidays from school and National Day in Palma (October 12th). Otherwise, travelling to Palma in autumn is a great idea. You'll still get amazing weather (highs of 24°C), and each September, the city hosts Nit de l'Art, where you can get into museums and galleries for free.


Ostensibly the cheapest time of year to visit Palma, be aware while booking for November-February as lots of Brits like to chase winter sun. While some flights or accommodation might be more expensive than you'd imagine, keep a look out for winter holiday deals online. City breaks in Palma work well during winter, rather than more expensive week-long beach holidays.

When you know when to travel to Palma, don't forget to pre-book one of our Palma airport transfers. Choose an option that suits your budget – private car, shared shuttle or minibus – and we'll take you right to your resort at a great price and in comfort.