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What should I pack for Palma?

Whether you're travelling to Palma for some beach lounging in the summer sun, or keen to appreciate the capital's rich cultural heritage in the off-peak season, you'll need to know what to take with you. At Holiday Extras we aim to make your airport transfers as stress free as possible, allowing you time to make sure you've got everything you need. From sundresses to sunglasses, we're happy to advise you on what to bring.


With peak temperatures in Palma in the months of July and August of over 30°C, if you're heading out for a couple of weeks of blazing sun, glistening sea and golden sands, you'll need to pack accordingly. Swimwear and a beach towel are an obvious must if you're planning on heading to the seaside, and don't forget your sunglasses, a sunhat and sunscreen for protection. Pack some books or an e-reader for by the pool, and some headphones to listen to your favourite tunes or podcast while soaking up the sun.

Sundresses and strappy tops are perfect daywear for the ladies, while for the gents T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops or sandals are ideal for mooching around the city streets. Evening temperatures in the summer months will drop to around 15 to 18°C, so it's worth bringing along some trousers and cardigans or light jumpers, especially with the cool sea breeze coming in from the Med.

Off-peak season

If travelling in May or October the average high temperatures are a very pleasant 23 or 24°C, but you may need an additional jacket for evenings or windy days, and, to be on the safe side, waterproofs might come in handy for the odd rainy spell. October is Palma's wettest month, although the downpours aren't frequent and tend to be short-lived.

The winter months, from November to April, are still mild, and temperatures may even reach 20°C or so, but for an average of about 15°C, trousers and long-sleeved tops will be required. Bear in mind that hotels and apartments are not always centrally heated, so that extra layer will be useful for particularly chilly nights.

However much you decide to bring, remember to pre-book yourPalma airport transferswith us at Holiday Extras to make sure you get from the airport to your resort at a great price and hassle-free. With our wide range of transfer options, from shared shuttles to private cars and fully accessible minibuses, we will have an option to suit all budgets and needs.