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Volcano feedback

We went out of our way to try and help our customers during the recent closure of Europe's skies after the Iceland volcano. We asked for feedback on how we were coping with the crisis and we got a fantastic response. Between phonecalls, emails and comments on the site to tweets and blog comments we were delighted to know that our efforts made a difference to some people in what was an extremely stressful time.

Here's are what some of our customers said about our handling of the volcano crisis. On this page we also have details on a competition and all our customer feedback in full.

"The service was first class, particularly in view of the circumstances. Thank you for sending my refund so promptly and compliments to you for your excellent customer service. I will be using you again for my rebooked trip and will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Thanks again."
Steve Matthews, Hilperton, Wiltshire
Had to cancel his booking at the Courtyard by Marriott Gatwick

"You are a great company to deal with and I will be rebooking with you as soon as the ash situation is cleared. You came back to me straight away and said you would refund me. Considering we were in really dire straits, it was a little bit of relief to have a company being really supportive. I think your customer service is brilliant."
Rebecca Buck, Rawcliffe, Humberside
Had to cancel her booking at Leeds Bradford Long Stay

Incredible journeys competition

Did you make your own way back to the UK after the volcanic ash cloud chaos? Maybe you struggled across Europe by bus, train and foot to get home on time. Who did you meet along the way? Was anyone particularly helpful, or unhelpful? We'd love to hear your story, and there's a prize for the best travel tale, judged by renowned travel journalist and broadcaster Simon Calder.

Delighted with our service?

If you were happy with our service then the best way you can thank us is to recommend to your friends. We'll send your friends an email saying you recommended our services and that we can help them save on their airport parking, airport hotels, airport lounges and holiday insurance.

And here are the comments that were left on our website:

  • "Good afternoon. I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you on behalf of myself and my husband for your excellent customer service during the volcano disruptions. After a gruelling (and expensive) journey home we were so pleased to hear that we hadn't incurred any additional parking fees for the three days extra at Airparks. Thanks a lot for your support and help."
  • "Exhausted but I just want to feed back that was stunned to find you weren't charging anyone stranded extra parking costs from Airparks. There is a God after all and I think it's named Holiday Extras."
    Penny Frankel, Windsor
  • "Just received an email from you confirming a full refund. Just wanted to say many thanks to you and the team. Love the video update from your CEO too, he looks tired!"
  • "Just to say how impressed we are that you are not charging us extra parking for the delay caused by the volcanic ash. We will certainly use your parking facilities in the future. Many thanks."
  • "I was booked to park at your Manchester site last weekend and would like to thank you for your prompt and hassle-free refund of parking fees after having my flight cancelled. The news is full reports from travellers who have been "ripped off" trying to find alternative ways to get back to the UK, so it has made a welcome change to find a company that has put the consumer first. Well done to Holiday Extras. I have booked with you in the past and I will definitely be using you in the future."
  • "I hope that things have calmed down a bit now. I have just checked our account and have seen the refund from Holiday Extras. Thank you so much for your help in this matter, it does mean a lot."
  • "I am emailing regarding a car parking stay that we had booked with you last week. We had booked our car in at Birmingham car parks from Monday to Friday but due to the volcanic ash we were unable to get home until yesterday. Having had 6 extra days of spending out on food and hotels, which had by the time we left tripled in price, I was not looking forward to our bill back at the car park. On arrival we were greeted by a very polite, professional lady stating that there would be no extra charge as the company had decided to waver all costs. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge, massive thank-you, having been ripped off by hotels in Amsterdam for the past week it was so reliving and pleasing to know that there was a company which were willing and prepared to help out when others were only out to make money from the unfortunate situation that a lot of people have found themselves in. Your company will be one that I will use in future and will recommend to all I know. Thank you once again and could this please be forwarded on to the relevant department."
    Mrs Angharad Holmes
  • "Returned back on Thursday after an exhausting 3 day coach trip to get back from Spain, only to be told we didn't have to pay for the 6 days extra parking, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH it was really appreciated. We stayed at the Sofitel at Gatwick, 3 adults and 2 children plus the evening meal option, it was fantastic, worth every penny a beautiful room and a fab meal, once again, THANK YOU."
  • "I would like to say a big thank you to Luton Airparks for being the only people who didn't 'rip us off' during the recent volcano eruption. When we returned a week late from our holiday we were told there would be No Extra Charges plus they even hosed down our car. WELL DONE AIRPARKS!!!! We have always booked with you and will certainly continue to do so. Our friends were most impressed when we told them what you did."
    A & A Sheanon.
  • "Thank you for your trouble. I couldn't believe how quickly it was dealt with."
    Andrew Hopkinson, Wolverhampton
  • "Thank you for your quick response. I am very pleased that you were able to give us a refund and will continue to use you in the future. Many thanks."
    Mr Matthews
  • "Thank you so much. We will book with you again in June."
    Mrs Buxton
  • "I was delighted to hear that we will get a full refund for the parking which we were unable to use because of the flight cancellation. I am grateful to Holiday Extras, and will continue to use the service, which has always proved satisfactory."
    Mr Johnson
  • "Thank you for getting back to me and advising me that I shall be getting a refund. I shall now be booking my new airport parking with you. I have used your company many times and have always found the service to be very good. Regards"
    Mrs Young
  • "I am very pleased to have received a refund in the circumstances. Thank you very much. I will have no hesitation in using your company for future bookings. Kind regards"
    Miss Saunders
  • "Thanks for the good news about the full refund. I understand that your decision has perhaps been a difficult one, but I can assure you that it will reap dividends in the medium to long term for Holiday Extras. Sincerely"
    Mr Lowden
  • "Thank you very much for your efficient and understanding response. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. We will book with you in the future!"
    Mr Bentley
  • "Well done for getting a full refund from Moat House and well done to Moat House for responding positively. I am now much more likely to book with you and Moat House next time I need accommodation at Gatwick."
    Mrs Tithecott
  • "First class, you certainly stand out for me."
    Mr Stanbrook
  • "Thanks for processing a full refund as a result of me having to cancel my booking due to my flight being cancelled as a result of the volcano. In this day and age it's nice to see that a corporate entity can 'do the right thing' and not hide behind 'procedures'. As a result of your actions I will be booking with you again. Had the refund not been forthcoming I would have gone elsewhere."
    Mr Uphill
  • "Thank you for your generous refunding of our unused car park fee in light of the volcanic eruption."
    Mr Joice
  • "Very helpful young lady on the helpline - web page not clear on where to navigate to next. Thank you for your promptness as I am sure you are more than inundated with calls/messages etc"
    Mrs Swales
  • "Thank you for this. Not being out of pocket has eased the disappointment of being unable to travel."
    Mr McVeigh
  • "Many thanks for getting back to us to let us know that we will be getting a refund. We think this is the fairest decision under the circumstances."
    Mrs Moore
  • "I think everyone I've dealt with following the cancellation of our anniversary trip as a result of the ash cloud has been most understanding and sympathetic. We are now able to rebook the same holiday in the autumn and will make a similar reservation for parking in due course. Thank you all for a speedy and courteous response ... well done. Regards"
    Mr Spencer
  • "Thank you for your help to secure a refund on my cancelled car park booking. I will not hesitate to use your company again, if possible. Many thanks."
    Mr Collins
  • "I am very satisfied with your response to my request for a refund. Thanks."
    Mr Perry
  • "Thank you for the swift reply. I have to say your company have been the only ones to answer the phone and reply via email. I would use and recommend your company again."
    Mr Cooke
  • "The service has been excellent. I have received quick replies to my request and query regarding cancellation. I have rebooked my parking for next month. I am also extremely pleased with the lower cost of parking through yourselves. Many thanks."
    Mr Spice
  • "Thank you for refunding my payment. Times indeed are tough, but you have always been a supreme example of efficiency, and this just goes to prove the point one more time. Cheers."
    Mr Briscoe-Knight
  • "Thank you for your help. We have used you many times in the past and have always been happy with your service. We will definitely be using your company later in the year. We fly at least four times a year and will remember your service. Thanks once again."
    Mr Savage
  • "Thank you for organising this refund - particularly after I was told yesterday by your customer services that any refund or transfer was unlikely. I have now rebooked as I have always been very happy with your car park service beforehand and will continue to use you in the future."
    Mr Macrae
  • "I have just heard that you are to refund the whole cost of my parking as most of it was unused after my trip was thwarted. I have had nothing but excellent service from you any time I have booked. I will continue both to use and recommend you. Many thanks."
    Mrs Conneely
  • "Thank you, a full refund will be very much appreciated. Thank you for your prompt response."
    Mr Powell
  • "Never expected a refund. Thanks very much."
    Miss Bevington
  • "Thank you very much for your very prompt attention. This matter was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. Thanks again."
    Miss Gribben
  • "Just to say thank you. The help and assistance you have given has been excellent. My client is delighted with the service and will definitely use the car parking again."
    Travel agent
  • "We appreciate the difficult task you will have had, and thank you for informing us of the refund. It certainly is good news after the big disappointment of missing our holiday."
    Mr Gregory
  • "Thank you for refunding my parking reservation."
    Mrs Scotney
  • "Your handling of the problem was first class."
    Mr Metcalfe
  • "I wish to thank you for the refund for the parking package. You have shown that your company understands and cares about its customers and I applaud you for the action you have taken. Regards"
    Mr Jenkins
  • "Thank you for this information, and I am glad to hear that the outcome is good. I await our full refund."
    Mr Lukehurst
  • Our request to defer (not cancel) our booking with your company initially met with a negative response. Today, on reading your decision to reimburse our payment, my faith in responsible business practices has been restored! This is indeed refreshing. Because of your move to a refund, we will be using Holiday Extras in a few weeks' time."
    Mr Honour
  • "Thank you so much for putting your customers first during such an unprecedented event. This was a very delightful email to receive after receiving all the bad news re the flights being delayed, then the holiday being cancelled. This restores your faith in human kindness and first class service to your customers. From all six of us in our holiday party, we thank you very much. Every penny makes such a difference in this very difficult economic climate. With very best wishes"
    Miss Collinson
  • "Thank you very much for your prompt reply. It is much appreciated. We will certainly book with your company again. Yours sincerely"
    Mrs Holloway
  • "Thank you for your prompt attention to my claim. In the circumstances, I think you have responded very quickly!"
    Miss Oldershaw
  • "Excellent and fast response ... thank you for the full refund!"
    Mr Copeman
  • "Thank you for your kind consideration in these unprecedented circumstances. Your kind refund is greatly appreciated and needless to say, I'll be back. Highly recommended!"
    Mr Rogers
  • "You dealt with the matter very efficiently and I will be booking with you again. It was definitely worth paying the small pre-book cancellation fee insurance."
    Mrs Gillies
  • "You have all been great. Thanks again. Have no problems. Everyone has been more than helpful. Regards"
    Mrs Black
  • "Thank you for replying so quickly, I appreciate you must be incredibly busy. Thanks again for your help."
    Ms Jones
  • "Thank you for your efficient service and the refund. We know you are very busy and will use you again and again."
    Mr Acevski
  • "Many thanks for the refund. We will be delighted to use you again later this year."
    Mr and Mrs Hope
  • "We are very pleased that Holiday Extras and the hotel are offering a full refund to our clients. As an agent we very much appreciate this, especially in this climate, and we will continue to promote your services for future bookings. Thank you."
    Gaynor, Explorer Travel
  • "After initial disappointment, on behalf of our customer we are delighted by the outcome and will continue to support Holiday Extras whenever possible. Many thanks and much appreciation."
    Laurie, Bath Travel
  • Very many thanks for your prompt attention. I quite understand the reason for the delay and I think it is very kind of you to arrange a refund."
    Mr Florance
  • "Thank you. I really appreciate your consideration about this."
    Mrs Griffiths
  • "Received the email confirming that I would be getting a refund for my car park booking. Many thanks, this is most appreciated, especially the quick response considering how many people are having problems with much bigger issues. Regards"
    Mr White
  • "Thank you very much indeed. I really appreciate this and as a regular traveller I will make sure that I book through you in the future. Best regards"
    Mr Smith
  • "Many thanks for your swift reply - much appreciated. I look forward to receiving the full refund and will be very happy to use your facilities again in the near future. Thank you."
    Ms Dommett
  • "Initially when I called I was told that there would be no refund and to talk to my travel insurer. I only found out that your policy had changed by chance when I looked again at the website. I'm delighted that I will now get a full refund but it would have been a great customer experience if I'd been emailed to say the policy had changed and I was eligible. However, I do realise with the amount of work involved that that probably wasn't possible on this occasion. I now have confidence that I can rely on Holiday Extras for my next booking."
    Ms Willis
  • "Excellent news! Thank you very much for refunding our payment. That was a bonus!!"
    Ms Aldridge
  • "Thank you."
    Mr Smith
  • "Thank you so much for refunding my parking fee. This is really appreciated at such a difficult time for everyone involved. I shall definitely be parking through Holiday Extras again."
    Mrs Barnes
  • "Thank you for the prompt response. I appreciate the full refund and feel that you've retained clear levels of communication during the process. Thanks."
    Mrs Mormech
  • "Thank you for getting back to me. I know and accept your refund policy, but as you say the events of the past week have been unprecedented, so our refund from you is good news and is much appreciated. If we are ever due to fly from Newcastle in the future you will be my first choice for my car parking needs. Thank you for your understanding. Regards"
    Mr Teasdale
  • "BCP proves that just because you are big does not mean you are bad! I am delighted with your considerate policy during difficult times! Thank you!"
    Mr Cleary
  • "We understand the very difficult times that companies have undergone, and indeed are still enduring in the present circumstances. We also recognise that our particular cancellation problem is minor compared with so many travellers and travel companies, including yours. We were impressed by the rapid response of Holiday Extras and its CEO to the crisis. We have used your services over a number of years and will of course continue to use the facilities you offer. We much appreciate the rapid refund and e-mail - it is much appreciated. Well done!!! Kind regards to you all."
    Dr and Mrs Barber
  • "Smooth, easy cancellation and refund of parking charge. Thanks."
    Mr Lewis
  • "All fine with me. Well done for being helpful and getting through this problem."
    Miss Pyshorn
  • "Considering the circumstances, I think my case was dealt with really well. Much appreciated. Thanks guys!"
    Miss Doherty
  • "Excellent service, thank you. It really helped to be dealt with without any hassle."
    Mrs Bonner
  • "I am delighted to learn that you will be providing a full refund. Many thanks. We have rebooked our holiday and have also rebooked our parking with Holiday Extras."
    Mrs Flitton
  • "Overall the inquiries were dealt with very well but it did depend on which advisor picked up the phone as to how positive the feeling was. The response time was excellent. I shall rebook later in the year."
    Mr Bones
  • "Thank you for dealing with my problem in such a professional manner. I shall certainly return and recommend you to all my friends. May you go from strength to strength. Best wishes"
    Mr Shepherd
  • "Thank you for offering to refund the payment for my parking booking. This is much appreciated. As I have now rebooked a new holiday I will be using your company again to book for my next set of parking dates. Thanks again."
    Mrs McNeice
  • "After receiving your e-mail you have made us very happy. We booked two cars in and your refund is greatly appreciated. As you can guess, along with others, we have had a nightmare. Rest assured that when we book a substitute holiday, we will use your parking facilities and also pass on to others your excellent response. Many thanks. Regards"
    Mr Phillips
  • "We are most impressed with your speedy and fair response. We have rebooked our holiday and look foreward to booking our parking with you again."
    Mr Donnelly
  • "Thanks for your swift reply. Nice to find a company with integrity."
    Mr Gadd
  • "Thank you very much for being so understanding, in what we know were unusual circumstances. It was impossible for me to comply with the 24-hour deadline for cancellation, due to computer overload and awaiting instructions from the airline, my company, our customers in Germany etc. I am delighted you took the pragmatic approach and credited back my car parking charge. My journey has been postponed, not cancelled. I will therefore in future always use Pink Elephant with confidence, and more importantly for you, tell my acquaintances of the excellent manner in which you have resolved this situation. Well done."
    Mr Windle
  • "Very pleased with your quick response, thank you."
    Mrs Rogers
  • "Great news - wish all companies were so understanding."
    Mr Littler
  • "Thank you for your professionalism and honest conclusion in the manner of this refund."
    Mr Andrews
  • "Thank you very much. It is good to see that not everyone is purely concerned with making money. Your help was quick and efficient and it has guaranteed you my continued custom."
    Mrs Crane
  • "Thank you very much for this decision. It means a lot to us. Again, thank you very much."
    Mr and Mrs Harris
  • "We are extremely appreciative that you plan to refund the cost of our parking and we will certainly use you in the future when we next need to leave our car."
    Professor Harvey
  • "Thank you for your prompt reply. We have rebooked with you and will continue to use you for further bookings."
    Mrs Turkington
  • "Nothing less expected from Holiday Extras! My trust remains loyal and I am pleased you will be refunding my car parking. I am looking forward to making my next booking with you again soon once the travel chaos is over. Thank you for your understanding and professional service."
    Mr Kroukamp
  • "Very many thanks for handling my refund claim so quickly and efficiently. I was most impressed as you must be completely overwhelmed."
    Mr Allan
  • "I called to cancel, having been advised by our travel company that flying was unlikely. The woman I spoke to was sympathetic and helpful, advising me to go to the website and email my cancellation to the special email address. This was easy and straightforward and the website had a reassuring video clip letting customers know you were doing your best to get refunds for all under these special circumstances. When in the end we did not fly, I emailed asking if there was anything further I must do to claim a refund. I received a 'holding reply' explaining I would receive a personal email letting me know if any refund would be possible. The personal email arrived this morning saying my payment would be credited to my card in the coming days. I am astonished that you have been able to deal with inquiries so quickly and efficiently; this says everything about your company and the excellent customer service - thank you. We are rebooking our holiday for a later time and once this is confirmed I will certainly be using your company again."
    Mrs Box-Oliver
  • "With all the trauma of the past few days your email advice that we shall receive a full refund for the cancelled hotel and parking booking has been a tremendous boost. We have always relied on excellent service from Holiday Extras but in these circumstances your response has been exceptional. We can't tell you how much we appreciate it but you shall have us as customers for as long as we travel which hopefully will be for a long time to come. Many thanks. Kind regards"
    Mr Baker
  • "Thanks for the prompt and positive response. Much appreciated."
    Mr Horne
  • "Thank you very much. Yes, most appreciated especially under the circumstances. I will be using your services and hotel again as I feel you have dealt with my queries and questions very fairly, professionally and efficiently under the extreme circumstances. Thank you."
    Mrs Roberts
  • "Thank you so much for giving me a full refund. I was really surprised, and am very grateful. Thank you again for being caring, and thoughtful of your clients' situations. I have rescheduled my flight and will rebook my car with you once I have the refund."
    Mrs Byrne
  • "Many thanks. I use Airparks quite often and have to say I'm pleased with your fast response."
    Mr Peachey
  • "Thank you for a speedy response. I am highly delighted that you have offered a refund, which I know in these circumstances is very difficult. We travel abroad a lot and definitely will always use your services as I consider your company very highly. Thank you very much."
    Mrs Shephard
  • "Fantastic! and thank you very much for your quick response. I am really impressed. Thanks again."
    Mrs Casserley
  • "Thank you very much. We are very happy with how you have dealt with us in these circumstances."
    Mrs Edrington
  • "Thank you so much for the full refund. It is very much appreciated."
    Mrs Armstrong
  • "Thank you so much for refunding our car parking. We should have flown out to Sri Lanka on Monday, April 19 for our honeymoon, unfortunately it was cancelled and we have been left extremely disappointed. Luckily we have had a full refund for our holiday and now you have also been very generous in refunding our car parking. We will be rebooking our trip and will definitely use Holiday Extras to arrange our car parking again. Once again thank you so much!"
    Mrs Tarala
  • "The handling of our cancellation and confirmation of a full refund was completed swiftly and efficiently. On the telephone Kerry was very professional considering the volume of calls that she must have handled. No doubt we will be using BCP through Holiday Extras for our future bookings. Well done!"
    Mr Cole
  • "You did very well, generating a lot of goodwill. In future BCP parking will always be my first choice. Many thanks."
    Mr Medhurst
  • "We made a booking in the Copthorne Gatwick hotel. Unfortunately due to the  volcanic disruption our flight was delayed. When arriving back we expected to pay for extra days parking at your hotel and how surprised and unexpected we were when this fee was waived. I’m normally the first to complain about poor customer service, so this is why I’m writing to say thank you for providing excellent customer care."
    Mr Thomas
  • "I would like to thank you for your kind gesture in giving a full refund on our booking cancellation. It will help ease the disappointment suffered by me and my party through not getting away for our planned trip. Thank you very much and we look forward to using your service in the future."
    Mr McTaggart