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Book cheap parking at Cleveland Airport

At Holiday Extras we're here to help you find the best rates for your airport parking at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. With 5 different on-site parking options, including the convenient Smart Parking Garage, CLE gives you a world of choices for storing your car. Whether you're looking for the ultimate convenience of parking within walking distance of the terminal, or would prefer a cheaper long-term parking option that's off-airport - let us help you find the parking solution that's right for you!

CLE Airport Parking Lots
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
CLE Smart Parking Garage On-airport 2-3 minute walk
Red Lot Parking On-airport 3-8 minute walk
Blue Lot Parking On-airport 3-8 minute walk
Orange Lot Parking On-airport 3-8 minute walk
Brown Lot Parking On-airport 5-10 minute shuttle
Curbside Valet Parking On-airport 2-3 minute walk
Park 'N Fly Off-airport 5-10 minute shuttle
Fast Park Cleveland Off-airport 5-10 minute shuttle
Park Place CLE Off-airport 5-10 minute shuttle
Fast Park & Relax CLE Off-airport 10-15 minute shuttle
CLE PARK Off-airport 10-20 minute shuttle

*Transfer times are approximate.

With plenty of parking services to choose from at Cleveland Airport it's easy to book affordable short-term or long-term parking for your trip. Check out our live pricing and availability below by clicking the 'Search' button. Simply select Cleveland Airport and enter your travel dates.

On-airport Parking at Cleveland Airport

On-airport parking is an ultra-convenient way of parking close to the airport terminal. These car lots are either within walking distance or, in the case of the Brown Lot, are just a short shuttle ride away from the terminal.

  • CLE Smart Parking Garage
  • Red Lot Parking
  • Blue Lot Parking
  • Orange Lot Parking
  • Brown Lot Parking
  • Curbside Valet Parking

Off-Airport Parking at Cleveland Airport

A fantastic low-cost alternative to on-airport parking, if you park in an off-airport lot, it's likely you'll get a cheaper deal for your airport parking. With a shuttle service to your terminal, the following off-airport lots provide great near-airport parking to Cleveland Airport.

  • Park 'N Fly
  • Fast Park Cleveland
  • Park Place CLE
  • Fast Park & Relax CLE

Meet and Greet Parking at Cleveland Airport

Book exceptional meet and greet, or valet parking at Cleveland Airport and enjoy special treatment as you start your vacation. This convenient service means you get to feel like a VIP and haven't got to find your own parking space. On your arrival, you will be greeted by a professional driver who will park your car for you. There is meet and greet parking available at on-airport and off-airport parking lots including the following:

  • Curbside Valet Parking

Electric cars ⚡

Charging your electric vehicle at Cleveland Airport is easy. Electric vehicle charging is available at certain on-airport and off-airport lots - make sure you check the car lot's charging availability before your trip.

Cleveland Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended Cleveland Airport Parking

With so many Cleveland airport parking providers to choose from, we'd like to highlight one of our particular favourites for you.

Park 'N Fly

Long-term self parking within the safe and secure Park 'N Fly lot is a great option for your airport parking. Conveniently located just 1 mile from the airport on Snow Road, there's a 24-hour shuttle service direct to the airport and a free car wash is also included.

Cleveland Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to park at Cleveland Airport?

The price of your Cleveland airport parking depends on the type of airport parking you would like. Booking on-airport parking will likely be more expensive than booking parking at an off-airport lot that requires a shuttle ride to the terminal.

Is there free parking at Cleveland Airport?

Yes, there is free parking available for picking up passengers at the Cell Phone Lot. CLE's cell phone waiting lot is located off of Jackson Road just East of the airport. There is also short-term and long-term parking available on-airport and off-airport but this comes at a charge.