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First-time flyers from Prestwick airport

Worried about flying for the first time? We're here to help

Worried about flying for the first time? Here at Holiday Extras, we want to minimise your worries by helping you to find ways to relax before your first flight. We can't take all your fears away, but we'll do our best to help reduce them.

Unwind before you fly from Prestwick airport

Flying from Prestwick airport? Although Prestwick is one of the smaller UK airports, there are still a few things that may keep you occupied and calm your worries before you fly. We've come up with a few ideas - they may help you.

Eat, drink and shop

Prestwick airport has a handful bars and food outlets. Some people may find unwinding with a refreshing drink or having something to eat can help keep their mind at ease. You'll also find a handful of shops at Prestwick airport. A spot of retail therapy may be the answer to help reduce nerves before you fly.

Escape into the virtual world

If a bit of fun to pass the time before you fly is your idea of relaxing, Gamegrid is the place for you. Passengers can play a wide selection of the latest video games and fruit machines before or after security.
Age restrictions apply in certain areas. By the time you've driven a racing car, defeated your enemies and saved the world, you'll have forgotten all your fears.

Surf the web

Another option some people may find comforting is surfing the internet before you fly, whether it be to catch up with some friends, send an e-mail or swot up on some last minute resort information. Prestwick airport has internet kiosks on the first floor in the main terminal and in the departure lounge. Laptop users can access broadband internet through wireless connections anywhere in the terminal.

For more detailed information and advise about first-time flying, visit out first-time flyers page.