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21% of British travellers risk their own safety

May 7, 2009

More than one in five of us ignore the flight safety talk when flying, according to a poll released today.

Holiday Extras, the UK's market leading travel add-ons company, says that 21 per cent of customers who responded to their online poll admitted that they don't feel it necessary to watch the cabin crew's safety demonstration.

Thirteen per cent said they were regular travellers and know it all already, the remaining eight per cent just don’t bother to watch.

A safety-conscious 79 per cent of Holiday Extras customers claimed to give their full attention to the demonstration and to check the location of their closest emergency exit every time they fly.

Mike Whiting, managing editor at, said: "I'm glad that the majority of our customers pay close attention to the safety talk. But, it is worrying that so many feel it unnecessary. I think that we would all want to be prepared for an emergency and to protect our families in this situation.”

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