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British travellers looking further afield in 2009

January 22, 2009

British travellers are looking for 2009 to bring about new and exciting travel experiences, according to research carried out by leading travel add-ons company, Holiday Extras®.

In a survey of over 1,000 customers, the company asked for respondents' travel dreams for 2009. The results show that a large proportion of British travellers will be looking to new horizons for their vacation in the coming year.

Results show 48 per cent of those asked were looking to 'do something totally different and really memorable', while nearly 31 per cent are looking to discover a new destination.

"With the pound currently weak against both the dollar and the euro, it is perhaps no surprise that many people are looking to new and different destinations," said Mike Whiting, managing editor at Holiday Extras.

"Holiday Extras has compiled a list of 25 must-see places, as recommended by leading broadcasters, travel editors and other experienced travellers. Visit for suggestions on leading destinations to discover."

While the majority of travellers are keen to discover something new in 2009, nearly 14 per cent appear reluctant to change their holiday plans, while seven per cent are considering staying in the UK.