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Survey shows six in ten people row with their partner on holiday

January 8, 2009

While more relationships break down in January than in any other month, new research by Holiday Extras has shown that, in fact, holidays are one of the biggest stresses on a relationship. Far from a romantic getaway, nearly 60% of us are likely to argue with our partner on holiday.

The survey, undertaken by, the UK market leader for holiday add ons such as airport hotels and airport parking, also shows that for many people the reality of the family holiday doesn't live up to the stress-free promise. Arguing with your kids came second in the poll, with 20% of people worried that a holiday will cause tense times with their children.

James Rye, counsellor and member of Holiday Extras' Expert Panel (a new online service with which consumers can pose travel related questions to a panel of experts – gave this advice:

"Getting a different perspective on things can help you avoid arguments with both your partner and children. Ask yourself: 'Is it worth it?', and 'Is it worth it now?' You can decide to push something and have a disagreement about it, or think about whether the thing you are disagreeing over is really worth the unpleasantness. If it's a big issue that you can't ignore, ask yourself if it has to be addressed now. In many cases, it could wait until the end of the holiday. An imaginary parrot sitting on your shoulder constantly asking 'So what?' often helps keep important things, like happiness, in focus."

Mike Whiting, managing editor at Holiday Extras, said: "These results highlight just how important it is to make sure you relax in preparation for your holiday. Arriving feeling stressed and annoyed is likely to cause tension, when really the most important thing is to enjoy your time away with your family or loved one."

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