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Pampered pets are the 'new children'

December 11, 2008

An online poll conducted by leading holiday add-ons company Holiday Extras®,, provides evidence that we're still a nation that thinks of its pets as family members.

The survey revealed a resounding 78 per cent of pet-crazy animal lovers would only leave their pet with people they know and trust. Just 22 per cent of those questioned were happy to leave their pets in professional pet accommodation while they enjoyed a break away from home.

Britain, a nation of pet lovers, cares for an estimated 7.2 million dogs and 7.3 million cats.

James Rye, a member of Holiday Extras' online Expert Panel says: "The bond between humans and their pets is often not fully recognised by society. Research has shown that some people develop a very strong attachment to their pets and can regard them as important family members. It is understandable that many owners are looking after their pets as though they are humans."

Holiday Extras' managing editor, Mike Whiting, agrees. "It is clear from this survey that dog and cat owners take care to ensure that their pets are properly looked after when they are away on holiday."

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