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Nearly half of women say Mother's Day is more important than Valentine's

1 March, 2010

Forget romance, British women would rather get pampered on Mother's Day according to customers using

The leading travel add-ons company asked travellers which was more important to them, Mother's Day or Valentine's. A resounding 46% of women declared that mums deserve the best and that they would prioritise Mother's Day over the annual romantic celebration.

Interestingly, just 18% of men thought the same, with over a third of the men polled stating that both events are vulgar commercial exercises (31%) and 18% of guys claiming to spend more on Valentine's Day treats for their loved ones. Just 8% of women questioned said they had spent more on Valentine's.

Exhausted mummies may dream of a little TLC on Mother's Day, but 17% of customers thought that their mum would be happy with a simple card and phone call.

Mike Whiting, managing editor at, said: "I think it's quite heartening that so many of our customers want to show their deserving mums some appreciation. At we offer a range of family-friendly services which can help ensure a hassle-free break - and a well-earned rest for mothers." offers family rooms* at airport hotels across the UK, with many hotels providing FREE meals for kids: