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High Speed visit with Lord Adonis at Dover Priory

February 16, 2010

High Speed visit with Lord Adonis at Dover Priory’s CEO, Matthew Pack joined the Secretary of State for Transport, Lord Adonis, at Dover Priory Station along with other leading South East business people this week*.

The reason for the minister’s visit was primarily to ascertain how well the high-speed train services are operating, and the likely benefits offered by the new service to the local community. Michael Heseltine and John Prescott, who were the original champions of the high-speed service, accompanied Lord Adonis.

It was revealed during the short meeting that there were already some unexpected benefits for the high-speed rail; with American tourists using the service to travel with ease down to Dover Docks and to board Baltic Cruises and finding it easier to attract new team members, with the required technological knowledge.

Matthew Pack said, “It is essential for us to attract the right people in order for us to secure the vision for our business as a hassle-free technology company. The high speed line helps to remove the block of distance and we have already seen positive results.”

In answer to Matthew’s question, addressed to Lord Adonis: “What does success look like to you?”

Lord Adonis replied, “It’s coming back in a couple of years and seeing real evidence of improvements.”

Michael Heseltine added, “I think that unexpected positive results will surface as a result of the high speed line.”