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'Various destinations' popular over Christmas

A spokesperson for Stansted airport has claimed that destinations all across the world are popular over Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most popular times for a holiday and British travellers show interest in various regions around the world for festive breaks, according to a spokesperson for Stansted airport.

While shopping hotspots are inevitably popular, destinations within the UK, Europe and the Middle East are also of interest to UK travellers, the representative said.

Foreign holidays over Christmas have now escalated in popularity to the point where they are second only to summer trips.

"The Christmas getaway is traditionally the airport's second busiest time of the year after the August Bank Holiday," the spokesperson said.

Commenting on particular destinations, he added: "Dublin, Rome Ciampino, Milan and New York are always very popular.

"A large number of passengers using Stansted are travelling to visit friends and family over the Christmas period."

The Stansted official also offered some advice to people planning on some Christmas shopping abroad. Christmas crackers are not allowed in any form of luggage, he warned, and any fragile gifts in hand baggage must be unwrapped to allow potential security inspections.

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