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Passport application 'easier online'

The passport application process is being made easier by online facilities, it has been claimed.

Increasing numbers of people are applying for their passports online as customers at the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) embrace the convenience of the system, reports claim.

The IPS admitted that many customers now prefer online applications for their passports in order to save time, with the streamlined electronic system cutting the hassle normally associated with sending off for one.

And the Check & Send system, which is provided by the Post Office and World Choice travel agents, is also proving popular as it speeds up the process still further.

"Basically, it offers a basic check of the form, supporting documents, photographs and fee, so it reduces the likelihood of the IPS needing to contact the customer," explained a spokesperson for the IPS.

She said the service is there so that there is "an initial check to foresee any problems that they might have", in order to make sure an application goes through as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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