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Virgin stresses healthiness of air travel

While there is no proven link between deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and air travel, Virgin Atlantic takes the condition seriously and issues advice to all its long-haul passengers.

A spokesperson for the airline said that the health, wellbeing and safety of passengers was Virgin's "highest priority". She added that the company would like to see more research carried out into DVT carried out to help reassure passengers.

She explained: "There is no proven link between flying and DVT and, in fact, medical research continues to offer conflicting views.

"Virgin Atlantic sympathises with all victims of DVT and wishes to see more research carried out."

In addition, the spokesperson also pointed out that planes were extremely well stocked with medical equipment and that staff were trained to administer first-aid onboard.

"Our cabin crew receive regular First Aid training and the three senior cabin crew members receive additional training in the use of the onboard automated external defibrillator," she added.

"All of our aircraft can make immediate satellite/radio links with doctors trained to deal over the phone with medical situations onboard."

Finally, the spokesperson said that modern airlines were able to easily deal with any special dietary requirements of passengers and were making efforts to offer healthy food on long-haul flights.

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