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Passenger satisfaction revealed

A new survey has revealed which airlines are the best in terms of customer satisfaction.

Data released by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) found that passengers rated the service they received on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic flights very highly.

In contrast, the ICS survey named low-cost carrier Ryanair as one of the worst airlines for customer service.

On average, 66 per cent of customers said they were happy with service levels on flights. However, both BA and Virgin performed far better.

Just 55 per cent of Ryanair's customers said they were happy with their service. Despite this, the low-cost carrier performed well when holidaymakers were asked which airline was best in terms of value for money.

"All the bottom five companies show up particularly badly when dealing with complaints and demonstrate a poor attitude to customer relations," explained ICS executive director Robert Crawford.

"I think this is partly due to their history as most of the organisations in these sectors are either monopolies or ex-monopolies. Some, of course, such as Ryanair, don't have that excuse.

"The overall picture is that customers' needs are not being met and the gap between those giving good and bad service is widening," he concluded.