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Impulsive holidaymakers 'need insurance'

Many people from the UK are risking their health and finances by impulsively deciding to do dangerous activities while on holiday, a new report suggests.

Research from consumer website found that around half of British holidaymakers have undertaken an unplanned adventure sport activity - like horse-riding, Bungee jumping or scuba-diving - while on holiday.

However, the website also found that many people mistakenly assume that their travel insurance will cover them for these activities, but this is not always the case.

"Our research shows Brits don't think twice before deciding take part in impulsive activities while abroad," explained Richard Mason, director of insurance at the website.

"While rock climbing or bungee jumping might add to the holiday experience, many insurers such as Marks & Spencer, Post Office and Norwich Union Direct classify these as dangerous sports and will not cover you in their standard policies if anything goes wrong.

"Policies can vary significantly with exclusions and caveats commonplace. Read the small print to give you peace of mind and make sure you are covered for any eventuality."

Mr Mason explained that standard travel insurance deals were fine for people "just going to soak up the rays on a beach," but added that people who knew they would want to do dangerous activities should invest in appropriate cover before departing.

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