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Brits pay for 'green' travel

A third of British holidaymakers say that they would pay more for a holiday if it is environmentally sound, a new report suggests.

According to emedia, 34 per cent of UK holidaymakers would spend more to reduce the impact of travelling on the environment.

Equally, 76 per cent more people said that they now consider the environmental impact of their trip when booking a holiday than did last year.

The most popular ways people plan to help the environment when holidaying include offsetting emissions (33 per cent), using alternative transport (30 per cent) and travelling to somewhere closer to home (28 per cent).

"A 76 per cent growth in the number of respondents from 2006 to 2007 who are ready to take into account environmental impact when booking holidays is staggering," said David Clark, managing director at emedia.

Keith Richards, head of consumer affairs at the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), added: "Consumers can only make informed decisions if they have clear information about the impact of what they do, good or bad."

Recently, Flybe said that it would introduce 'eco-labels' on all its flights so passengers can assess the environmental impact of their trip.

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