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Healthy food for easyJet

Low-cost airliner easyJet has hired the services of the Food Doctor, a catering company that promotes healthy eating.

The Food Doctor will now supply the carrier with three of its products that will be available to purchase on every easyJet flight. The new options include Get Set Bars, Original Seeds Sachets and Soya Nuts Sachets.

Speaking to Easier Travel, Michael da Costa, managing director of the Food Doctor, said: "We are thrilled the Food Doctor products are now available on all easyJet flights.

"Just like the Food Doctor, easyJet has always been at the forefront of business development and we are both committed to providing the best possible consumer offering," he added.

The Food Doctor already has a number of products available in airports and railway stations across the country, as it looks to compete against the old travel favourites of crisps and chocolates.

The company was co-founded in 1999 by leading nutritionist Ian Marber, with the simple objective of providing sensible advice for achieving a healthier plan for life.