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Holidaymakers 'struggle' to forget the office

Thousands holidaymakers heading away to enjoy the three-day weekend will be unable to completely detach themselves from their work, a new survey has revealed.

According to research by, one-in-five holidaymakers puts in at least eight hours overtime before heading away, while 64 per cent of holidaymakers think about work so much while they are away they claim they need a holiday to recover from their holiday!

Commenting on the plight of the holidaymakers, Craig Staniland, director of underwriting at, said: "It seems we can't face missing out on the latest office or social gossip, probably fuelled by the advent of smarter and slicker technology."

He also said that millions of holidaymakers are now taking hundreds of pounds worth of
technology away with them when they go abroad.

"Whatever happened to holidays being restful?" he added.

Also revealed within the research was the fact that 47 per cent of holidaymakers spend at least one hour per week talking on their mobile phone while on holiday, while 40 per cent of holidaymakers insist on bringing their work communications device away with them.

The most popular gadget among holidaymakers was in fact the mobile phone (88 per cent), followed by an MP3 player, which 43 per cent of holidaymakers could not leave behind.