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More rain on its way

The Met Office has warned that the wet weather that has affected most of the UK throughout June is set to continue through the summer.

Figures released by the metrological agency showed that June this year was the wettest on record since records began in 1914.

Throughout the UK, an average of 134.5 mm beat the previous monthly high of 121.2 mm - which was recorded in 1980.

However, the Met Office said that long-term forecasts were predicting that the wet weather would continue. A statement from the company said: "There is an expectation of heavier extreme rainfall events in most places as [the] climate warms and the atmosphere becomes moister."

The organisation's chief scientist, John Mitchell, added: "In the UK, extreme rainfall is likely to increase in winter, but in summer the predictions are unclear.

"Improved modelling and understanding in the future will help us to reduce this uncertainty for the UK."

Airlines have been quick to pounce on the bad weather and encourage Brits to escape to southern Europe, which is currently enjoying something of a heat wave.

A statement from low-cost carrier said: "Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have suffered some of the worst rain and are still recovering from the floods, but the rest of the UK has also suffered heavy downpours ... our only question to you now is: 'Why are you still in the UK?'"

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