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Storms Hit UK and European Airports

In what has been described as the worst storms to hit Europe in 17 years, airports across the continent and the UK have been hit with delays and cancellations.

Airports across Europe issued hundreds of cancellations and delays as hurricane force winds and heavy downpours engulfed the continent in a storm that German meteorologists named "Cyril." In Germany, airports cancelled flights in and out of the country and the national rail service was shut down as winds of 72 mph hit the country. Here in the UK winds of up to 100 mph caused road closures and rail delays and had a severe affect on the country's airports. Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport cancelled 34 incoming flights yesterday with Heathrow canceling a total of 280 flights as gusts of 78 mph were recorded at the airport.

Manchester Airport cancelled more than 80 flights while Liverpool's John Lennon Airport suspended all flights in and out of the city. The worst of the storm, according to the BBC's Weather Service, is now over though Scotland are still facing winds of up to 60 mph. Airports across the country are still facing problems though as cancellations and delays are still in place. Gatwick and Heathrow airports have issued cancellation notices on many flights with the majority of disruption to domestic and short haul flights. Passengers are advised to check with their airline before departing for the airport and to allow extra travel time with road and rail networks still affected. The Stansted Express service is currently operating on a half hourly rate.

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