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Holiday insurance for backpackers

Want to wake up on a beach in Australia? Trek around South America? Enjoy a very real experience before you knuckle down to a new job? Backpacking is the only way to travel!

Experience the world, different people, different cultures… travel all around the world, Europe, Asia, USA South America.. we have the backpacker travel insurance policy for you.

Your travel insurance is probably the last thing you'll think about when planning the trip of a lifetime. But take a little time to think while you are kitting yourself out and packing your all important is definitely worth protecting yourself from cancellation and from other eventualities while you are away.

A high proportion of Backpackers need to make some sort of insurance claim when they are away so don't make the trip of a lifetime a nightmare get your travel insurance with Holiday Extras now!

The typical Backpacker is looking for the kind of challenges that lead to a self awareness and personal development... Bungee Jumping, abseiling, white water rafting, swimming with sharks... the list is endless .. our backpacker travel insurance will give you the peace of mind to enjoy a wide range of activities.

Our Backpacker policy is only available to people aged under 36, if you are older than this please check out our single trip policy.