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UK airport travel news

[February 5, 2009 - last updated 1.44 pm]

The UK continues to be affected heavy snowfall. The bad weather has adversely affected travel plans from some of the major airports

Luton airport
Flights are now departing from London Luton and check in is open.
Due to heavy snowfall at London Luton, flights are still subject to delay and cancellation. Cancelled flights are listed on the airport's website. Passengers should contact their airline directly for any specific queries.

Travellers planning to travel to to Luton airport today are advised to check public transport and road conditions before setting out on their journey.

The road connecting the Luton Airparks site to the airport is now clear and the transfer buses are operating normally.

Birmingham airport has been affected by this morning's heavy snow. The Airport is open but a number of flights have been delayed so passengers should check with their airline.

Flights at East Midlands airport may be delayed but passengers are advised to check in as normal. No roads have been closed in the area so Airparks buses are running as normal. Please contact your airline for specific details for your flight.

There is a complete list of airlines operating from East Midlands airport on the airport's website.

Leeds Bradford airport
Flights are operating today, however, there may be some delays.
If you are travelling today, leave plenty of time to travel to the airport before check-in .
For more information, please also consult the real time flight arrival and departure or contact your airline or tour operator directly.

Bristol airport
Bristol International Airport is open but experiencing some disruption and delays as a result of adverse weather conditions. Passengers are advised to check in as normal. Some incoming flights have been diverted to other airports. If in doubt please contact your airline.

Cardiff airport
Cardiff is open and operating with minor disruption as a result of the current weather conditions. Departing passengers are advised to check in as normal and to contact their airline with any queries.

Written by: Helen Gillilan

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