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Stansted and Doncaster Sheffield airport friends

Friends of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (FODSA), a pro-airport campaigning group, visited Stansted last week to find out how the UK's busiest airport operates within the local community.

The group were given a tour of the airfield, terminal and fire station. They then had a question and answer session with Graeme Wade, Head of Airport Communications at Stansted.

“We were very happy to play host to the group and give them an insight into how Stansted operates day-to-day, and our interaction with the community. They were interested to learn how cash generated by noise and track infringements benefit local good causes in the community around Stansted,” said Graeme.

Doncaster Sheffield airport, also known as Robin Hood airport, opened in 2005. It had formerly been an RAF base.


FODSA Chairman, Andrew Bosmans, said: “FODSA is a group of like minded people who agreed that it was in the best interests of South Yorkshire and the surrounding districts for the old Finningley RAF base to be turned into an international airport. The group gave support to the planning application, actively collecting many thousands of letters of support for the development and giving evidence at the Public Inquiry.

“We were very grateful to the staff at Stansted for taking the time to meet with us, giving us a behind the scenes look at the airport and explaining their plans for growth in the years ahead.

"Many ideas were forthcoming and both sides agreed the day was useful and constructive time well invested. As Chair, I am already planning further discussions with the team at Stansted and also the possibility of a future visit to us, to see just how well we do it!..."

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Written by: Maxine Clarke, August 17, 2009