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Cruise-liner to head home

July 9, 2009


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It has been four days since the norovirus outbreak aboard the cruise-liner Marco-Polo, but today the ship was given clearance to return its passengers home. 

The patient passengers have been given the opportunity to return to their hometowns via a train service supplied by the cruise operators. However, most of the 769 passengers have chosen to stay on board the ship. Many even signed a petition stating that they would rather head back out to sea than return home.

It has been a complicated few days for both the passengers and crew. Although the majority of those on board remain fit and healthy, seven people were taken to hospital and one person died, with 74-year-old Roy Sillet suffering a heart attack on Monday. However, it has still not been confirmed whether the virus outbreak had any contribution to his death. 

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Written by: Chloe Chapman