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Avoid Half Term Airport Delays

At Holiday Extras we have a superb choice of Airport Parking across UK airports all at best prices with availability this half term. Pre-book your airport parking and arrive early - safe in the knowledge that you won't have to hunt around for that last minute space. Arrive at check-in ahead of the crowds and with time to spare to relax.

The half-term holiday is fast approaching. Customers are being advised to arrive for their flights in plenty of time to avoid delays. Pre-booking your airport parking is the perfect way to cut down on the hassle of arrivals and ensure you get to check-in promptly. Not only does pre-booking your airport parking with Holiday Extras save you money but it saves you that all important holiday time too.

Passengers can do a lot to alleviate the delays by following the security guidelines and packing sensibly before they start off - spend a little bit more time on packing and checking your bags before you start off and the security checks will be a lot faster!!

Think about what you pack before you fly
Arrive at the Airport Early - At least Two hours before your flight

Cabin Baggage
ONE item only of cabin baggage is permitted through the airport security search point. The dimensions of your carry on bag must not exceed: max. 56 cm length, 45 cm width of and depth of 25 cm (including side pockets,handles, wheels, etc.).

All items carried by passengers will be x-ray screened. Other bags, including handbags, may be carried within the single item of cabin baggage. Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are allowed on the plane with you but will be subject to screening.

Important: a laptop bag will be regarded as your one item that is allowed in the cabin.


Limited quantities of liquids, gels and pastes can be included in carry on bags. These liquids must be held in individual containers not exceeding100ml (approximately 4 fl. oz).

Baby milk and liquid baby food (the contents to be tasted by the accompanying passenger).
The Definition of liquids now allowed in a separate clear plastic, zip-top or re-sealable bag that does not exceed 20 cm x 20 cm (8 inches x 8 inches) or one litre capacity includes:
Shampoo, creams, suntan lotions, toothpaste, hair gel, hair spray, perfumes, liquid or aerosol deodorants, cosmetics such as mascara and lip gloss, water and other drinks, soups and

These items need to fit in the bag comfortably and the bag must be completely closed.

Hairdryers / Laptops etc..
Remove large electrical items from cabin baggage at security to be separately screened .

Important: a laptop bag will be regarded as your one item that is allowed in the cabin.

Musical instruments
Musical instruments which do not fit in the permitted cabin baggage size are allowed as a second item of cabin baggage, and will need to be screened. Larger instruments (e.g. cellos) are also permitted into the cabin following screening. Check with your airline to find out if special arrangements for these large instruments need to be made.

Remember to allow plenty of time when you head off for the airport this half-term and avoid delays. For all your airport parking needs, make it easy going - make it Holiday Extras.

Check out more regulations with the Department of Transport

Buy Carry on Luggage

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