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Eurozone still offers good value holidays

[February 6th 2009]

Holiday bargains can still be found in the eurozone, including some of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe.

“There’s no denying that the pound has been severely hammered by the euro, losing around a quarter of its value over the last 6 months. However, there are still plenty of good value holiday destinations to be found within the eurozone," says Rob Innes, head of marketing for flight search engine Skyscanner.

“Skyscanner’s message to those looking for cheap holidays is don’t rule out the Eurozone quite yet. Cheap trips still exist and similarly, don’t automatically assume that the best value can always be found outside of the Eurozone,” Innes adds.

Skyscanner highlights six cheap eurozone holiday destinations. Slovakia offers good value skiing holidays, with the best ski resort located at Jasna in the Tatras Mountains, says the company. The capital Bratislava is also a lively city break destination.

Another eastern European country offering good value holidays in the eurozone is Slovenia. Skiing is also good in Slovenia in the Julian and Kamnik Alps. And in the summer beach holidays are possible on a small slice of the Adriatic coast. Capital Ljubljana is another popular city break destination, as well as being a popular place for stag and hen breaks.

Andorra is said to be a great spot for cheap skiing and snowboarding holidays in winter, and hiking and mountain biking holidays in summer, helped by its duty free status. There is evidence that Andorra is good for you too, as Andorran's have the longest life expectancy in the world according to the Economist.

Spain may have been displaced as the UK's favourite package holiday destination by Turkey, but the country is still very popular and will remain so no matter what the euro does thinks Skyscanner. The company recently found that five Spanish towns feature in the top ten most searched for destinations of 2009.

To help decide on the cheapest place to go on holiday Skyscanner advises holidaymakers to compare the relative cost of food, drink, and accommodation. According to price comparison website, a pint of beer in eurozone Slovakia costs an average of 70p, yet in non-eurozone Turkey it costs more than double that at £1.80.

Written by: Nick Purdom

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