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China re-admits daredevil to boost tourism

China has let a daredevil climber, previously expelled from the country, back inside its borders in an attempt to boost tourism.

A daredevil climber has been permitted to enter China, having previously been expelled from the country, to attempt a feat that is expected to attract substantial interest from tourists.

Frenchman Alain Robert was arrested and kicked out of China earlier this year after he climbed the Jin Mao Tower, the tallest building in the country, wearing a Spider-man outfit.

However, a company with business interests in the Zhangjiajie area persuaded authorities to let Mr Robert back in to climb part of a local mountain in an attempt to boost tourism, the Xinhua News Agency reports.

The daredevil climber will this weekend attempt to make a bare-handed ascent of a cave on the 1,518-metre Tianmen Mountain.

Mr Robert, 45, said he was confident that he could reach the top of the cave as he performed a similar feat in the area five years ago.

The Chinese authorities are not planning on giving Mr Robert any reward if his completes his challenge, however, as he is scheduled to leave the country two days after his climb.

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