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Brits 'opt for luxury on holiday'

Brits on holiday take the opportunity to see what their life would be like if they were a little richer, new research suggests.

Data gathered by leading car-hire broker Holiday Autos found that 64 per cent of UK holidaymakers reward themselves with a 'lifestyle upgrade' while on vacation.

These can include opting for a posher car, better food or more luxurious accommodation while they are away.

Indeed, Holiday Autos reports that two thirds of Brits would be more likely to upgrade to an aspirational motor for their two week holiday than they would be to consider upgrading when at home.

Popular cars which some holidaymakers choose include the Ferrari F430 Spyder, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Porsche 911 turbo convertible.

Recently, an industry expert suggested that attractive deals from luxury hotels were encouraging more people to consider getting married in exotic locations like the Caribbean and Mauritius.

"A number of hotels will offer a discount to wedding couples, such as the bride may receive up to 50 per cent off, or the bride may even travel free with a certain number of adult guests," explained Mark Bell, a spokesperson from White Sand Weddings.

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