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Willis holidays with new girlfriend

Action hero Bruce Willis has been spotted on holiday with his new girlfriend, Tamara Feldman.

A report in Now magazine suggests that the 52-year-old Die Hard star opted to vacation near Sardinia's Porto Cervo.

Like other celebs this summer, Willis and Feldman - who is also a Hollywood actress - decided to holiday onboard a private yacht.

It is believed that the pair started dating after working together on the thriller Perfect Stranger last year. However, they had kept their relationship secret until they were snapped on holiday together earlier this week.

The Lonely Planet has this to say about where Bruce and Tamar opted to spend their vacation: "Sardinia has some fascinating medieval sections and beautiful beaches.

"There's also the magnificent and relatively unspoiled Costa Verde coastline, the beaches and grottoes around the tourist enclave of Alghero, and the trekking and traditional culture offered in Nuoro Province."

Porto Pollo, north of Palau, is famed for its windsurfing and kite boarding, drawing adventure sports enthusiasts from around the world.

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