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Unpleasant British holiday habits revealed

UK holidaymakers are unimpressed when other Brits disrupt their vacation with loud and drunken behaviour, a new report suggests.

A survey carried out by asked people from the UK what the most annoying things about other Brits on holiday were.

A staggering 42 per cent replied that drunk and raucous behaviour angered them when away.

Other things which annoyed people were the British habit of expecting other to speak English (22 per cent) and their inability to tan properly (24 per cent).

Finally, seven per cent of holidaymakers said the UK football fans were sure to ruin a vacation.

"It seems those fly-on-the-wall documentaries of drunken Brits abroad continue to shame the nation," a statement from the company read.

Recent research suggested that Britons will take some 129 million holidays in the UK in 20 years' time, meaning that people could have to put up with raucous holiday behaviour on their own doorstep.

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