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Holidaymakers 'worry over tipping'

Holidaymakers from the UK are uncertain when they should tip while abroad, a new study suggests.

The Post Office found that less than a quarter of Brits on holiday know when it is customary to tip in that particular country.

Around half (44 per cent) revealed that they always tip the same, regardless of which country they are in.

In fact, tipping etiquette can be extremely different from country to country. For example, waiters in the US could expect a tip of up to 25 per cent if the service is superb.

In contrast, tipping is considered rude in Japan.

The Post Office's head of travel services, Kevin McAdam, commented: "Tipping can be a minefield when you go on holiday. But if you research before you go, it will reduce your chances of causing offence when you get there."

This anxiety has led two in five Brits to think they are less generous tippers than people from other countries.

Mr McAdam added: "Begrudgingly or not, tipping in some form is expected in most countries.

"So before you go away, make sure you have lots of small notes and coins in the local currency to make tipping good service as easy as possible. Then you can get on with just enjoying your holiday!"

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