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Expert offers exotic travel advice

People planning on travelling to developing countries need to take some time and plan the medical risks of their trip prior to departure, an industry expert has said.

A recent study found that only 52 per cent of European travellers boarding planes to developing countries had consulted a health professional about the risks of their trip before setting off.

However, Lynda Bramham, a senior nurse at MASTA, said that it was vital people looked at what diseases were prevalent in the areas they planned to travel to.

She added: "Taking a first aid pack is always worthwhile. The recommended contents of the pack would vary depending on the travel plans and destination.

"For more exotic destinations consider adding diarrhoea treatments for the adults and sterile medical equipment, mosquito nets, anti-malaria medication if necessary and a first aid book.

"[With] health issues, you should ideally seek advice at least six to eight weeks before travel, but if you have less time, a visit to a clinic is still worthwhile."

In addition, Ms Bramham advised people traveling to exotic destinations to check current government advice and make sure all relevant vaccinations have been obtained.

Finally, she said that comprehensive travel insurance was vital to those venturing off the beaten track.

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