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World's fashionable cities revealed

A new survey has revealed which holiday destinations are the most fashionable in the world.

Global Language Monitor analysed words and phrases in the print and electronic media, on the internet and throughout the increasingly vibrant blogosphere to draw up the list of fashion hotspots.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New York emerged as the most fashionable city in the world. The top five also included Rome, Paris, Milan and London.

However, the list did throw up some surprises for holidaymakers looking to plan a haute culture vacation.

For example, Berlin, Mumbai, Santiago and Krakow all emerged as major fashion centres.

Millie Lorenzo Payack, the fashion correspondent and director of the Global Language Monitor, explained: "The ranking is surprising in a number of ways, most of which relate to the changing nature of the global fashion industry.

"Cities that recently would have been considered fashion backwaters - or worse - are now emerging as significant regional hubs."

In particular, the study cited the Polish city of Krakow as a place where "neo-Bohemia thrives".

Earlier this week, low-cost carrier easyJet said that it was to launch two new flights to Krakow from Edinburgh and Bournemouth.

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