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Internet 'opens up long-haul destinations'

Long-haul destinations and luxury hotels are becoming more accessible to holidaymakers because of internet deals, a new report suggests.

Holiday website reported that destinations which would have traditionally attracted only well-heeled travellers - like the Maldives, Kenya and Thailand - are now opening up to a greater range of holidaymakers.

The site reports that internet deals have meant that there has been a 34 per cent increase in holidays booked to the Maldives this year.

"We are seeing some really interesting shifts in trends this year where our customers are abandoning the traditional resorts in favour of more exotic and far flung locations," explained John Bevan, managing director at UK.

"This is probably due to a desire for more luxury and the great value for money that we have for places such as the Maldives.

"Holidaymakers are more and more adventurous and want to see how far their money can take them."

Furthermore, the site revealed that the strong pound meant that traditional winter break destinations - like New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas - have proved popular this summer.

Low-cost airfares to the US, provided by companies like Zoom, have also added to the country's current popularity.

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