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Exotic locations become popular

New figures show that people in the UK are increasingly looking at exotic and unusual destinations when planning their holiday.

Data released by show that the site received the most enquiries about holidays in the Balearic Islands during June.

However, other destinations which made the UK included Australia, Egypt, Croatia and Thailand. This indicates that people are increasingly planning holidays to exotic locations.

Interestingly, enquiries about UK holidays also increased markedly - suggesting that, despite the wet weather, domestic holidays continue to grow in popularity.

"A number of conclusions can be drawn from these figures," explained Ross Elder, managing director of the site. "It could be that increased awareness of the impact of travel on the environment is acting as a catalyst for people enquiring about holidaying in the UK, despite the weather.

"What we are also seeing is that as more and more people look to the Internet to find a holiday bargain, there is a mix of family favourite destinations and an increasing bravery to explore new locations such as Egypt and Morocco."

Recently, experts have suggested that Morocco could become the next fashionable holiday destination for UK holidaymakers.