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Ross 'loves holidays in Florida'

TV talk show host Jonathan Ross thinks that Florida makes the perfect holiday destination, according to media reports.

The famously flamboyant presenter revealed in an interview with Now magazine that he thinks the south-eastern US state is great for a holiday, but would never want to relocate there on a permanent basis.

He said to the magazine: "I've been attracted to Florida for years … although I don't think that I could ever live there full time.

"For a start, there's 160 TV channels but nothing really worth watching on any of them.

"I do, however, love being able to take my surfboard across the road to the ocean to catch some small waves."

Florida has long attracted British holidaymakers, as they are drawn to the sunny climate and famous tourist attractions - like Walt Disney World Resort, the Universal Orlando Resort and Busch Gardens.

The Lonely Planet guide adds: "The real treasures of Orlando's psyche are the sidekicks: Holy Land is peddling God; Gatorland bills itself as the 'alligator capital of the world'; and Skull Kingdom is endearingly low-tech."

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