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Man holidays a year too early

A man who planned a holiday around a friend's wedding found that he was a whole year early.

Dave Barclay lives and works in Toronto in Canada but decided to fly over 4,000 miles to attend a friend's wedding in Wales after he received an email about it earlier in the year.

However, after paying nearly £500 for a flights, Mr Barclay arrived to find be was a year early and the wedding was not due to take place until July 2008.

Mr Barclay explained to BBC Radio Wales: "I occasionally come home for weddings and my mate, Dave Best, e-mailed me at the start of the year to say he's having a wedding - July 6th.

"So I booked my ticket, paid £500 to fly into Cardiff, got the old suit cleaned, the goatee trimmed, the head shaved - I was going to be the belle of the ball.

"I called his mum to find his number and then I called him up and I said: 'When and where is this wedding? It's in a couple of days and I'd just like to know where I'm going.'

"He said to me, 'Mate it's not this year, it's next year - 2008 not 2007."'

However, Mr Barclay was able to look on the bright side and said: "Well, at least it's assured me a mention in the speech next year, I reckon."

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