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Top Australian tourist spots revealed

The Australian Tourist Board has revealed what it thinks are the top ten most popular things that holidaymakers can do when travelling 'down-under'.

First up, the group recommends that people interested in surfing should take a tour of Bondi in New South Wales. On the tour, visitors can learn about the history of the beach and see the famous life guards in action.

People interested in seeing the indigenous Aborigine peoples should consider taking a visit to Blue Mountains. Several firms now offer tourists eco-tours where people can experience bush life and see how these ancient people live.

Other popular activities include swimming with tuna off the coast of South Australia, partaking in a luxury spa session in Tasmania and visiting the Mowanjum art and culture centre in Derby, West Australia.

Finally, recommends that holidaymakers visiting the continent relax at the Chocolate Bar at Aria Lounge, Victoria. Here guests can enjoy a decadent chocolate afternoon tea experience every Saturday and Sunday afternoons.