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Holidaymakers 'opt for sunny destinations'

Holidaymakers in the UK head away during the summer in search of fine weather, an industry expert has claimed.

As much of the UK continues to experience torrential rain, a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), Sean Tipton, said that Brits just wanted some sunny weather when they went on holiday.

"The main reason for leaving the country - as most of our breaks are taken over the summer - is the lure of guaranteed good weather and beautiful beaches," he explained.

"That is the main reason that people go away, but obviously, in addition to that there is beautiful countryside [and] interesting food."

Mr Tipton added that Spain still remains the most popular tourist destination for UK holidaymakers, as it provides people with everything they look for on a break.

"The top five are Spain, France, USA, Italy and Greece," he concluded. "It used to be Greece at four, Italy five, but Italy has overtaken [Greece] recently."

Recently, Brits travelling to Spain on holiday have had to provide detailed information as part of a European-wide scheme to improve security.