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Nine days 'perfect for holiday'

New research suggests that the British holidaymakers think that around nine days is the perfect length for a vacation.

Data gathered by Halifax found that the typical Brit begins to want to head home after 9.4 days of a two-week holiday.

Over one million holidaymakers revealed that they begin to think about coming back to the UK after just four days of their trip.

People also take things with them on holiday to remind them of the UK. One on five holidaymakers take photographs of friends and family away with them and 1.3 million said they take their own pillow on holiday.

The study also found that many people from the UK pack foods - like biscuits or Cadburys chocolate - with them as a reminder of the UK.

However, Vicky Emmott of Halifax warned that people should check local regulations before trying to fly with foodstuffs.

"Holidaymakers who do not check regulations regarding the importation of food and drink into a country could find items being confiscated and destroyed," she explained.

"Travellers taking expensive DVDs and music abroad should also ensure that it is adequately covered should it be damaged in transit or stolen."