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Work worries 'ruin holidays'

People in the UK are so caught up in their work that they find it impossible to relax on holiday, a new report suggests.

According to ITN, a survey from Office Angels found that more than half the workforce in the UK admitted that they become anxious about their workload before setting off on holiday.

Indeed, many workers said that the positive benefits of taking a break last only around three days before work stress takes over again.

Work fears mean that around three-quarters of office workers from the UK take their mobile phone away with them so they can keep in contact with their office.

The broadcaster reports that David Clubb, managing director of Office Angels, said that workers need to use holidays to recharge their batteries so they can continue to perform at work.

"To make the most of your break, think of it as a meeting - the better prepared you are, the better the outcome," he is reported to have said.

"Put aside plenty of time before your last day in the office to brief colleagues on any outstanding work or potential problems they will need to know about while you are away and you will be much more likely to enjoy a relaxing time."