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People ignorant of insurance details

More than three quarters of UK holidaymakers will head of this summer with no idea whether their insurance fully coves them for their trip.

According to Go Travel Insurance, 78 per cent of British holidaymakers admitted that they did not know the details - like the level of protection offered or if there were any exclusions - of their travel insurance.

This data adds to a growing body of evidence that Brits are heading on holiday without thinking about their insurance. Recent figures from Foreign and Commonwealth Office indicated that around 50 per cent of people going on short breaks were uninsured.

However, Go Travel Insurance pointed out that treatment when abroad can be very expensive, making insurance vital. The company found that gastro-enteritis treatment in the Mediterranean could cost between £400 and £600.

"Most people think that the insurance policy is there to cover lost cameras or delayed baggage but the truth is that it’s emergency medical assistance and in serious cases repatriation to the UK that are the things policies are there to cover you for," explained Christian Young, chief executive of the company.

"If you fall serious ill or have an accident overseas, medical costs can be huge. Without travel insurance, you would be left to pay the bill personally."

Recently, the STA said that travel insurance was vital for young people heading off travelling as they were more likely to take serious risks while away.