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New facilities for Armenian airport

The authorities in Armenia have announced that some of the expansion work on Zvartnots International Airport is complete.

Armenia International Airports - the company which operates the Eurasian airport - said that the expanded international terminal would offer over 60 international routes, including services to and from the UK.

Renovation work to the airport began in 2002 and the company behind the work expects €132 million worth of investment over the next 30 years.

A statement from the airport said: "Armenia is one of the top emerging economies in the Caucasus. With its strategic geographical location, this country is the historical gateway between Asia and Europe, a bridge between the east and west.

"In the last few years, Armenian economy has grown spectacularly, along with the number of business opportunities. Moreover, thanks to its rich historical and cultural heritage, the country has become a popular tourist destination."

With the first phase of the airport's expansion complete, it now boasts a 54,000 square metre runway and a new 25,000 square metre terminal.

The company say that the new terminal has state of the art security, as well as up-to-date shopping and restaurant facilities for passengers.

Currently, British Airways operates a service to the Armenian airport, but the improved facilities could see more routes to the country.