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Brits 'complain on holiday'

June 2007

New research suggests that the most common thing for British holidaymakers to complain about while away is their accommodation.

Halifax found that 82 per cent of all complaints received by holiday reps were about lodgings. In particular, UK holidaymakers are often upset when rooms do not match holiday brochure or website descriptions.

Other things people on vacation complain about include noise levels, nearby building work and the quality of the food on offer.

It also appears that Brits are increasingly prepared to vocalise their complaints - three quarters of holiday reps reported that they had been shouted at and verbally abused by customers.

"Holiday reps have a difficult job juggling the various demands of holidaymakers, but they can be an invaluable resource if problems arise," commented Paul Birkhead at the company.

"Holidays should be an enjoyable experience but taking matters into your own hands and venting the frustration on a holiday rep will only create more stress for all concerned and could potentially land you in trouble with the local authorities."

Mr Birkhead added: "Holidaymakers can avoid potentially expensive medical fees and losses from theft by taking out comprehensive travel insurance prior to travelling."